Comfort Zone Detox

People are asking me why do you do intense sport, why did you do the Spartan Races, climb ropes, pull trucks…

And, I want to share with you my “WHY”.

Let’s touch a little bit of the “Mind-Body-Soul” connection:

Studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) taught me a lot of things about the human mind and how it’s connected to body and soul. Everything starts with the mind…

If you are committed to something that you want to achieve, you’re going to have it no matter what. Your mind believes, feels and puts you in the right direction. What happens when you believe and keep your mind strong, your body starts feeling it, starts acting as it has already happened, and most importantly your body starts preparing you for that achievement by unleashing your power inside you. Your soul starts expanding with all the feelings and creates joy and peace around it. smiley

Here is my WHY, I do all those challenging sports because every time I challenge myself and move my body, I discover another strength inside me! Not only in my body but also in my mind! The mind is super powerful and whatever you tell, it believes. That is why linguistics is highly important which is how you talk to yourself wink Therefore, getting stronger in your body also creates more joy and more success in your life in the fact that they are connected. (Mind-Body-Soul) Another point to make is, when you realize you can do anything with your body, you will start believing more in your big dreams!

Let me tell you a story;

When I did my first Spartan Race in December 2018, I almost broke my ankle at the very beginning of the race. The race was 4 miles and 23 obstacles. Imagine that you almost broke your ankle before 1 mile in but you finished the race with that same ankle. Wow! Imagine the depth of my belief and where I discovered the mind-body-soul connection to achieve the very thing I wanted to finish that race. Now that is Powerful! This is the point when you discover how your mind is AMAZING! Remember what I said at the beginning if you WANT something and BELIEVE, you can GET it, you will HAVE it. That’s what happened to me at the race, I wanted to finish so bad and because I was able to wake up and walk, I said I am going to finish no matter what. I didn’t feel the pain during the race. When I passed the finish line, the pain rushing in, and I started crying. WHY? I loved how powerful I was, heart my tears were full of satisfaction, joy, and strength. Ok, also pain, wink of course, I was in pain and it triggered the tears, but after that, I was more unstoppable in whatever I want to achieve in my life and I achieved faster! We have a saying in Turkish which makes more sense to me right now “Strong mind can be found in a strong body.”

What can you start doing to leave your comfort zone and find your strengths which are going to create more joy, achievements and most importantly satisfaction in your life?

Find one activity that can challenge you! Start practicing and pushing your limits. You are going to find out a lot about yourself! You are going to discover more where you are stuck in your decisions, where you feel you are going to give up and, you are going to realize what motivates you to achieve that!

Here is another story for you;

This is about the rope climbing wink I have been afraid of falling down, thinking that I am a woman who isn’t strong enough to do something like that. All those limiting beliefs, (in my mind that is). Back in November 2018. I was at the gym and was next to the rope with one of my lovely friend, Veronica. I was looking at the rope and just getting frustrated about not being able to do it. Veronica told me “just do it. You can do it.” I said, “I have been trying, it is not happening, I am afraid of falling down, I don’t feel strong enough…” Then, she talked to me with MY OWN WORDS and said this to me: “Pop your bubble, don’t TRY just DO it!” “Pop your bubble” is the topic that I speak about which means leave your comfort zone. Also, “TRY” is the word I don’t like to use and push everyone around me not use it. Therefore, when she said that to me, I discovered a part of me where I got motivated by my words from another person and I need to hear that! Even though I am a Motivational Life Coach, I still sometimes need someone to tell me what I can do! After she said that I was like “Yes, I need to do it!” Then, my personal trainer came in and I set up my phone to record. (I believed that it is going to happen, that’s why I had gotten ready everything!) I took a deep breath and just went for it, I took one step at a time. But what I remember is, while I was getting closer to the bell at the top of the rope, my lovely people at the gym were cheering me on! heart And, because of that motivation, I forgot how high I went and how my foot and arms were hurting and tired, I just went for it and rang the bell! It was one of the most precious moments in my life when everyone was even more cheering and clapping for me smiley I was the happiest person! You can watch the video here.

What I learned most from this experience, is that it’s the people! When I have people who love and support me, I will do anything! And, I want you to FIND your POWER, what puts you on fire and then go for it, leave your comfort zone and do something for you!


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