Selling without "TRYing" to sell

WHEN you are “trying” to SELL :

When you are in networking events and exchanging your business cards. You may become doubtful, fearful, or judgemental… As your feelings of insecurity start to kick in. Then you a sense of Truth takes over by thinking I need to make the best out of this, get more clients, close more deals and be more proactive in my time here.

When you are “trying” to be different in order to sell your services to someone:

You are not focused on truly selling your service, you are stressed and too focused on what if you cannot sell them or how can you sell.

Simply you are not the best version of you and most importantly you are NOT being REAL to yourself.

What happens?

Unfortunately, what ends up happening is that it results in an unsuccessful business venture. You ended up feeling miserable

Keep this in mind, WHEN you are NOT SELLING :

Example: This is where there is no fear, no judgments, no rules to exist! The ONLY thing that exists is your feelings of passion and wisdom in yourself and your services.

In this place, you can BE you,

You spread the REAL vibration of yourself to the people around,

You speak your TRUTH,

You don’t have to pretend to be someone else,

You are FREE to do anything you want, freedom is an endless opportunity…

Now, what happens?

Your ENERGY shifts, you feel SAFE, and the people around you can see the REAL sparkle YOU have.

Now you have two different versions of you laugh

Let me tell you more with an example of how the second version works better than the first one wink

Early this year, 2019, I was at one of my networking events and I was completely feeling me, comfortable about what I do and not worry about selling anything. I also was anticipating the meeting ends so that I could have a glass of wine with my friend and just chat. There is no business at this moment for me at all! Now, notice where my energy and attitude are on that day, not in a sales mode and I was just me, enjoyying the moment with a lot of like-minded people.

Sitting at a networking meeting, next to a woman I had met before. Although, we hadn’t ever talked about our businesses. Neither one of us knew what the others had to offer.

Once we noticed each other and started talking she began asking me questions but deep questions about what I do and how I do it, and most importantly how she can work with me! I was calm sharing my passion and story with her, completely enjoyying the moment. Then, the lunch ended and we hadn’t exchange business cards. Later, my mind was set off, in overthinking. Even though I was not “trying” to sell, my mind told me “Oh, she was not interested and you didn’t even push yourself to get her card, bravo! You just missed a potential client, good luck with your life!” Then to my surprise, she messaged me on Facebook a few days later and ask me to meet in person!

Keep this one in your mind and let’s jump into other miracles that same day wink The lunch ended and we had our wine with my friend. After a while, I needed to do some work so my friend went to another table to sit with other people. I opened my laptop and my to-do list and started working. Completely out of the environment laugh Then, another woman I met before and didn’t really talk to, sat next to me and started talking to me. To be honest, I kept working and kind of ignored her a little bit because I needed to finish what I thought was more important. But then, I heard a keyword, I hadn’t yet experienced “podcast”. She started talking about how she had a podcast and was wondering if I would be interested in being a guest the very next week! I shut down the computer and gave my all attention to her laugh I said that would be awesome, of course, I would be happy to! This is the number two miracle. And there is more. Then, I finished my work and joined my friend and other people at the big table. The entire time my mood and attitude remained genuinely, me, enjoyying the flow As my friend was talking with another person, I joined them. In a few minutes, this new person wanted my card for marketing collaboration! Number three!!

While we were talking on the other side of the table, there was another woman who I knew and we had been talking about working together but hadn’t been able to start anything yet. But again, my mind wanted to tell me: “that is not going to happen, just forget it…” but then she grabbed my attention, saying “I’m ready to do my marketing project with you, what do you want me to do?” I said “wait a minute, I am coming to you so we can talk details” and this was number four! wink

Ok. I want you to understand one thing here. Remember who you are as a person, your passion, your attitude. If you want to sell, don’t just sell by selling. Sell by being you. Just BE you and OWN your PASSION, SHARE your STORY!

Let’s jump in a call together and share your story with me!


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