What is your cup of tea, or are you like me and you like coffee?

I am not asking you if you like Americano or Cappuccino. I am asking you who your customers are…Who you enjoyy working with and who you want to help the most. And, YOUR personality has a big role in your business. In this blog, you are going to discover a lot about YOU and YOUR clients.

Let’s get into it smiley

In business, in order to be your best version and serve better to your clients, it is important for you to work with people who you like or alike. It may sound picky for some of you; however, you are going to learn why it is extremely valuable in a long term business relationship wink

YOUR Personality

First of all, are you aware of your personality? Your absolute musts, values, likes & dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Write down, what is important for you, all the points that I just mentioned. Look beyond them and see if it fits in your personality or not. Once you get clear on all of them, you will know who you can or cannot work with. For example, dominant people are not good matches with other dominant ones unless one side is less strong than the other. Social and bubbly people like other bubbly ones or the ones can listen to them because they like to chat and share their thoughts & feelings to be their best version to serve better. The spiritual part is important, too! If you are a strictly religious person, you cannot work well with someone atheist. Keep this part on the side and let’s look at your clients.

YOUR Clients

What kind of clients would you like to attract? I’ve heard so many times from my clients and friends who own a business, they tell me “I wish I can have a client who pays right on time, who is open-minded, who can have a conversation with me in a spiritual level…” Then, I ask them “Are you that kind of person that you just explained? In order to attract specific personalities on your way, you need to be in that energy first wink That is why it is huge to know who you are and what you are looking for in your client relationships. Also, are you open to receive those kinds of clients?” Being open to receive is a whole another topic which we are going to cover next week wink

My readers (you) know that I LOVE coffee and it is easy for me to match things with that laugh But! I have a point when I do that. I want you to think about what kind of coffee you like I promise this is going to be about your business! wink

Imagine, you have a lifestyle where you eat healthily and work out consistently. When it comes to your coffee, you most likely choose healthy options such as; Coffee with no sugar, or latte with almond milk no sugar again. It becomes your daily energy, your positivity, productivity and more. Therefore, if you have a client or you are trying to pursue a client who has the opposite lifestyle; who doesn’t exercise, and drink the coffee with a lot of cream and sugar. It affects her/ him energy too and changes the way she/ he acts in the business.

In other words, let’s say you are a driven person and likes to really understand what your clients’ purpose and goals in order to help them long term and enjoyy the journey like having a latte It is smooth, you drink slowly and enjoyy the warmth and you can really feel the fullness in your stomach. However, if you don’t pay attention to what your customer doesn’t like and want to get straight to the point and make money, you are not a good match. If not at the beginning but after a while, you will be separated from your business relationship.

A real story from my life:

I remember, when I was at the networking event a couple of years ago, and at the time I was not living healthy, I wasn’t exercising and I was eating a lot of junk. At the meeting room, there were women, who love being healthy and talking about the stuff I wasn’t familiar with. I was kind of getting into the conversation to have some connection with them to turn into a client.

But I found myself questioning if we were a good match or not, and how I was going to be my best version to serve them in the business where I was in a completely different lifestyle than them? I had to meet my clients where they were, I had to become a healthier version of me to have a healthier type of client.

Lastly, I want to point out something really important. Some people are in a rush or trying to get everyone as a client of their company. There are enough people out there, everybody has clients. Don’t force it! Don’t try every one, just focus on to get ones that match you. Just KNOW what you WANT and BE who you are, you are going to attract the RIGHT people in your circle and WHEN they are READY to work with you. There is no certain time for anything or no specific amount of people you need to be working with.

Relax my friend smiley Enjoyy your coffee but know what type of coffee you like wink

And, if you want to go a little bit deeper, you can always SCHEDULE your complimentary CALL from HERE! smiley


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