Set the direction on the map to your dreams and drive your own car!

Everyone goes through some challenges and everyone has their own desires. However, sometimes we forget how valuable we are and we caught up with other people’s thoughts about our lives. Even more, we tend to change our decisions and accept something that doesn’t resonate with what we really want.

“Know your desire, value yourself, and life will do the same for you.” - Burcu Onaranel

I’ve been living my life by owning this quote deeply. It’s changed my life and many of our clients who work with Joyy! Let’s take a deeper look at this quote and how you can own your life by driving YOUR car wink

To begin you may want to look at how you value yourself over the expectation for others too, and the universe. To analyze this a bit more and realize how you value yourself. Let’s take a few steps I’ve listed below:

Pay attention to your way of communicating with yourself such as; your linguistic. The language you use while you are talking to yourself. How is your body language and energy while expressing yourself and your life to others? For example, do you find yourself saying this: “I’m tired,” or “I cannot wake up early to follow my dreams,” or even more harsh “I cannot do that job, it is too hard…” or do you ever tell yourself this: “It’s impossible for me to do that,” it is impossible for me to quit that job and find a better one”, or “there is no faithful man left, all women are hard to communicate…” This list can go forever! But, thankfully you got the idea. wink Do you realize how your body posture and your energy changes when you even read these statements? It is bad! Time to pay close attention to how you talk to yourself and how you present yourself to others in life and to those around you.

This is a tough one, my friend because it takes a lot of FAITH and RISK at the same time. As we talked about in the previous blog there is still more about FAITH and RISK, you can read about here, again. wink Knowing your desire is a big step for starter’s, but being faithful and taking risks is a lot about courage and power! Today, I really want to give you that, which you already have, you just need a little bit of a shift. wink I am making it my job to help you realize you have the courage and power and to go for it. Let’s get serious here. For example, when I first launched my business, I needed clients to help it grow and even though my company’s prices are reasonable, I gave lower prices and did some trading, to get clients and grow my dream. Is it wrong? No, yes…depends on your genuine motives. It only happened for a short time, before I realized that I was depreciating my work. I said the work I do for my clients is valuable and it is unique, moreover, I was working way more than the payment I was receiving. I had an “aha moment” one day while I was talking to one potential client; the way they were talking to me was made me feel less than valued. This person knew nothing about what I really can do, they literally made me feel as if my work is not as valuable as the price I was asking for. At the time, I was in need to clientele and needed my finances to be met. What I did next was called courage, and I stood up for my prices and let them know not me nor my business will be put down or devalued, I kindly answered the next few questions and let them know by telling them they are free to do what makes them feel good, they are free to believe in my work or not, this is what I do and my prices are as is and not changing.“Let me know if you’re interested in working with me or not”. Then, a couple of days later they called me and told me they accepted my offing price! Then I experienced the opposite for example, I got 3 potential clients and I met them in person. They were nice and liked my work. They were interested in working with me, asking my packages, how working with me would be like…etc. When I sent them my packages, includes the prices of each project, they said things like: “It is too much for me, I cannot afford you right now.” I was so dumped and feeling disappointed because I wanted to work with them and grow my clientele. However, I nicely got back to them to say, “Please let me know if you would be interested in working with me in the future,” and I wished them luck. I could have offered them a lower price and had 3 of them as clients, with no fuss. It then would have been me devaluing myself this time. It would’ve looked like this: I wasn’t valuing myself and my work. Finding myself working a lot more for a lot less than my value. No. No. No. I said to myself: “Burcu, you deserve better and your potential clients have the mindset to make things possible if they really need your services they will come to you at the right time. Just be courageous and own your power, and be proud of yourself that you did something huge which you valued and hold worthy!” Go ahead, take a look at your life. Which part of your life do you feel weak to or that you have great value for but fall victim to its weakness, surrounding the subject? Where do you need courage and power? We often find ourselves complaining about our lives and how miserable we are. How life happens to us, rather than for us. This does not have to be you and even if this is you. You CAN changes this here at Joyy!, where there are no rules but freedom, some challenges but achievements of bigger dreams, risks but the strength of deeper desires…

Life gives you the things you ask for and most importantly it gives you what you believe you deserve.

As it’s written on the title “Drive your own car”, which car do you want to drive? Let me help you to decide; like Sia says in her song:

“I’m unstoppable

I’m a Porsche with no brakes

I’m invincible

Yeah, I win every single game

I’m so powerful

I don’t need batteries to play…”

Don’t pay attention to the car brand, maybe you may want Chevrolet that’s ok. The car represents your power here, and how much you want something in your life.

It is a good beginning to crush your dreams, isn’t it? wink Make sure you put gas into it laugh

Yes, your car is unstoppable only if you know where you are going, meaning if you know what you really want and have the courage and own your power to own it!

Let’s get you some work:

First, don’t listen to other people when they try to manipulate you about your life or your desires. No one on the planet can make a decision for you! Write this down, “This is your life and you have only one, this is your car and you are going to drive it on your own!” Ok. Now we can move forward. wink Once you pass that test not allowing anyone to get in your way or hold you back or even try, you’re on the right track. Second BE YOU, don’t try to be someone else my friend; be yourself, and be proud of who you are. The way you look at your life and live it is your desire. Pay attention to your heartbeat; what makes you feel excited, what makes you wake up every day, what is the thing that lights that fire in you, and knows you can do whatever it takes! That’s you and that’s your desire. Do you want to move to another country, and you are ready for it, awesome. Do you feel like you deserve a better, hell yes!, there are millions of opportunities on the planet. Just know what your desire is and what really makes you truly happy. Last but not least an example of living a life that is not you, I was a human resources specialist in Turkey and I knew that it was not for me! I was stuck in what felt like doing nothing that I want to do, I was stuck in the corporate life where I couldn’t spread the JOYY! I knew was on fire inside me. I knew I was meant to do something different, something bigger! I knew my desire was to live in the US and create my own company. Have the freedom of working from home, have better and mindful people around me. Guess what? I have all of that and more now. I had never given up! It’s been a very challenging journey with a lot of peaks and valleys. I still do experience lots of valleys, but I love them. They’ve made me who I am today and they have brought the people, the clients, and the passion in my life and every time, my desire gets stronger than before!

To sum things up, all I can tell you is to go get your car back in gear, sit on the driver seat and never take it out of the drive! Put your own songs on, set the direction on the map to your dreams and DRIVE!

And, remember to feel free to share with me your stories I love to hear from you heart


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