Only YOU

You’ve heard so many times this “Only YOU can change your life, these are 5 steps you need to change…etc.“ And, you are saying things like: “Nah, I don’t like it, give me something real, something sharp that can touch my heart and really motivate and inspire me to make the long-lasting change!”

Ok. So, let’s see the big picture together with a fresh and unique perspective where there are no rules, no shoulds, no have to’s, nothing from the external but the internal which comes from within you… This is an amazing place (A place of Joyy! ) where only YOU make the decision towards what you need to do to invoke that massive change in your life.

Nobody else can tell you what to do. Does that sound good?

My passion has been pushing people out of their comfort zone and showing them how to live their dreams. Because it is true that only YOU can change your life and make your dreams come true. However, the way you have been taught doesn’t really click with you. I feel you and I am here to show you how to improve your life.

Let’s be more serious and start to CHANGE!

I talk about the use of language a lot - this is also related to how you talk about YOU, how you represent yourself to the people, the language you’re using when you speak which makes a huge impact in your life. For example, think about your conversations with your friends; what do you tell them about yourself, how do you feel when you talk about your life?

Do you feel down when you say something about your life? How do you answer this question: “How are you doing?” Do you say “I’m ok, doing alright, nah…etc.” Does your voice go down when you say that? Remember, the language you use affects your body and then your feelings…You tell your friend “I am doing alright” meanwhile your voice is going down. Do you feel motivated about your life at all? Or do you want to throw up after you said that! I’m sorry, but I told you I am getting serious at the beginning. Let’s continue. How about when you talk about your dreams and goals? Do you believe that your dreams will come true when you say they will or will not?

I hope you got some ideas and could relate to some examples from your life. Now, I’ll continue with one of my life experiences.

This example is a little deep, my friend, but you can handle it.

I have a friend whom I love a lot and we both have big dreams. We always talk about our goals and motivate each other. However, last year I’d seen that he was not happy and not in a place where he could make his dreams come true, and I wanted to help because I know his dreams as well as his potential. I told him several times “Let’s talk, you know I am always here for you…” and more. But he was not ready for that change, yet. It doesn’t matter how much I want to help someone, it starts within! And, I’ve realized that this experience also taught me something HUGE which is “Only YOU can change my friend, I cannot help you if you don’t make an effort for YOU!”

I’ve had this experience in the past a lot, but as you are close to someone; it can be your family member, a friend or a partner, it gets harder. To see them not making any progress accomplishing their dreams or feeling down and sad is difficult to watch. I want to scream at that moment! “Hey!! Wake up, change your language, man! Kick your own butt!! Leave your comfort zone! If you want to be happy, do something that makes you happy or makes other people happy, then it’ll come to youIf you want to have a girlfriend, go ahead and commit to it. Change your mood, change your confidence level! You are unique and worthy the way you are! You DESERVE anything you WANT! Don’t ever feel down or not worthy anymore. I don’t want to see you sad, I don’t want you to talk to me with negativity! If you are not willing to do this for you, please do it for me because you drain my energy. I surround myself with motivated, and happy people who lift me up, not put me down.”

Is that too pointed? The words I gave to my friend are true for all people searching for themselves. I warned you at the beginning of this blog that it will be sharp, but I am doing this for YOU, my friend. I LOVE you so much and I ONLY want the BEST for you because YOU DESERVE BETTER THE BEST!

If you want to go deeper and leave your comfort zone to start your journey through your dreams, you can schedule a FREE coaching consulting call with me

I cannot wait to talk to you!

Happy Holidays!


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