Believe. Trust. Manifest your desires, how to let go of control!

What is it with people today! Why can’t we just go with the flow and trust the process? Why is it so hard for us to let go of things that are not fulfilling our dreams? We always want to control things around us and this makes it hard for us to trust the Universe.

First of all, I want to share with you, that you are not alone my friend. We all have been there and still, some of us are. But the real question is how to get out of that mindset, how to be calm and not worry about things around us ever again?

The most important step is YOU. You need to know YOUR desire and YOUR value. You need to BELIEVE in your desires, you are worth to be there, you are valuable…

How though? How do we do this for ourselves?

Let’s dive in. Here is an example from my life :

2 years ago in summer, I was working at a job which was not adding value to my life, and even worse it was draining me of all my JOYYful energy. Hardly motivated, every single day before going to work, I would try to meditate and get myself into being present at this job. I needed money, but I absolutely didn’t need that drained energy and exhausting working hours that were given. A few months later, I got to the point where I was extremely frustrated with everything about this job, and I asked the Universe “Please show me a sign and help me to get out of this situation, and fast.” As always, the Universe answered my call, the very next day and showed me multiple signs that made it a definite call for change. So, I quit! I quit and it wasn’t easy to do. I didn’t have any clue what to do, I didn’t have any other income, not even another job lined up. I knew I had to quit, this was not my dream!

** Let’s pause here and take a look at why I quit, and how you can apply this example to any of the struggles you’ve had in your own life. And, how you can manifest your desires!

You need to write your desire down in all the features included. For example, my desire surrounding work is based on 3 things which are; solid income, flexible working hours, and growth opportunities. This is too simple an example. I had to dive deeper; I wanted to have a solid income where my expenses were paid (my rent, car gas, grocery…), also have fun (go out at least 2 times a week… etc.). I wanted to have my coffee time during the day whenever I felt I need a break, so I needed flexible hours in my job (I didn’t know how this was going to happen, but I went with your heart! ) Lastly, I wanted to grow in my opportunities, learning more about digital marketing and I wanted to do bigger projects and work at a high-level position. I wanted to improve my communication which will improve my marketing skills.

Clear enough for me! YES! Now it is time to manifest (read till the end!)

Whatever you believe you deserve, you need to stick with that. Don’t change, and never accept anything else. Looking back to my story; I believed that I deserve those three things and I don’t deserve anything less! Therefore, I started getting busy at finding another job and went to a lot of interviews… I needed that solid income and I wasn’t going to accept any jobs that were not right for me. HECK NO! I was offered so many jobs where I would be again in a drained situation and I wasn’t going to accept them! One day something shifted for me, and I STOPped applying for jobs! What happened next was an interview with a marketing agency. During the interview, I realized that the job description and working hours were not what I wanted, nor what I deserved. I suddenly stopped in the interview and stood up: I said “I’m sorry, this is not what I am looking for and I am not interested in the position but nice to meeting you.” While I was saying these, I felt like I was not in the realm, I was beyond anything that was around me. I was sitting in a space that was going to serve me, connected to my soul. I was SO happy when I left that interview and took off my corporate high heels immediately! I was FREE and I said, “No more job applications, for now, just wait, something is going to come.”

What happens next?

The risk, and the POP of my comfort zone! You are not supposed to know what is next when it comes to the Universe working in your favor, the only thing you can do is to TRUST the process and truly BELIEVE in your DESIRE, and anything else.

Go back to my story: Was I completely sure of what was going to happen? Did I know I was going to find a job and survive? NO! I had to believe and truly know I deserved more. A month later I was offered a job in a digital marketing company with flexible work hours, a solid income and an opportunity to improve my communication skills in marketing! I had manifested my desires!

Here they are:

Good income: The salary offered was good, but only enough to survive. I asked for more before I accepted and boom! They gave abundantly to my request, and I was able to have the fun I desired too. Here we go my friend, I believed I deserve more than that salary and I promised myself and the Universe I will never accept less than what I deserve, and the Universe delivered it all to me!

Growing opportunities: I was working with the CEO of the company and creating marketing strategies for them. Managing social media accounts, blog posting, creating newsletter templates and learning so much more about online marketing.

Flexible work hours and coffee time: I had an hour break every day and I could use it whenever I want! My coffee time was the right time, and the workplace was close to my favorite coffee shop! The Universe has provided me my desires…

When you know your desire and believe no matter what, then, life will happen in a perfect way, my friend.

Share your stories with me, I would like to hear yours and grow together.


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