I have been CHANGED!

“Let me tell you, all my friends
About this joyy I'm living in

Let me take the mic, go on and testify
How I was dead and then I came to life…”

Jordan Feliz – Changed

This is a song I have fallen in love with recently as it speaks to my journey and heart. If you have been reading my blogs or have been around me, you know a little about my story. However, in this blog I am sharing a little more personally and hoping that it will change you, your life, or at least your perspective in a way it’s meant to be…


As I always talk about how humans are made with mind, body, and soul, I am going to explain how I have changed by explaining each of these.

My Mind

Fearful --> Became fearless!

I used to live in a bubble, yes literally. I was doing nothing that was exciting or fulfilling. I could not because whenever I had an idea or somebody asked me to do something like going on a road trip, vacation, or just going to a concert there were always questions, concerns, protections from my family and society. I was living with my family in Turkey and in the Turkish culture you have to ask for permission from your parents to do anything and no matter how old you are you are always their child. And society always has negative stories for you not to do something that you want to try.

I got to a point where I even stopped asking my family for permission because I knew the answer was going to be “NO”. I stayed in my bubble cage. Also I started creating stories in my mind how I was not good enough to enjoy my life, because I was fat, I wore glasses, I had a curly hair which I thought was childish, I had to ask permission from my parents and I was not able to do anything by myself. I was afraid to be around people who I thought would judge me. I was not happy living in that society where no dreams were allowed or could be realized and only limited beliefs! I felt I deserved NOTHING that I enjoyed or wanted and there was no freedom!

I went back and read these lines again, and I felt so sad about my old version right now. Because your life is not meant to live in a cage where you can’t be happy.

So let’s get into how I became FEARLESS today!

Since I had a moment where I felt “enough is enough, I am changing my life.” I learned how the mind works by studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), learned why we do what we do and discovered what I want to do in my life, which is my “WHY”. After discovering what I wanted to do, I decided to make a drastic change and moved to California from Turkey (2016), and my life became a lot more adventurous, eventful and joyyful. How? I started doing almost everything that I had never done before in my life. I started changing my daily habits, waking up early, eating healthier, moving more, leaving my comfort zone every single day by doing something new and surrounding myself with like-minded people. The more I did challenging stuff, the more I surrendered myself with those crazy, (good crazy), people, who love doing eventful things, challenging themselves and pushing me from my comfort zone! I started discovering the true ME, the girl inside me, the JOYY! I started spending more time with ME, really digging deeper in my soul to train my mind to be better every day.

** Spend time with YOU! Start discovering YOU, learning who YOU really ARE and who YOU WANT to BE.

My Body

Weak --> Became fitter!


I’ve hated doing exercise for almost my whole life. I was chubby and did not want to change my clothes and be in a class with other skinny girls where I felt so ugly.

I was always finding an excuse to escape from those classes, especially the swimming class, (the WORST)! Society taught me that I have to be in a certain size, fit in the crowd, and cannot be different. If you are different psychically & mentally, it means something is wrong about you.


Here I am today having done a Spartan Race, a Rope Course, working out, (intense cross fit), every day at 5:30 am AND running the marathon! I never thought that I would run a full marathon in my life, but I have been training for it for 6 months now. And, I just ran 17 miles this past weekend, which was incredible when I compare myself now with my old version.

What have I been doing differently? CHALLENGING myself daily, doing something NEW to learn how much my body is capable of.

** If you want to meet YOUR TRUE VERSION, you have to be willing to do the work.

My Soul

Unfaithful --> Became faithful!

I was not a huge believer; I was somebody who was always a rule breaker, unhappy in my life, not loving myself, and these attitudes were affecting my soul more than I recognized. This was back 5 years ago when I was in Turkey living in all those society rules, having a decent job, living with my family, following the “rules” what I “should” be doing instead of what I “want” to do. Basically, being in the same cycle every day nothing was eventful, adventurous, exciting or fulfilling, at least in a way my soul wanted to experience… And because I was experiencing all those things that I didn’t enjoyy, I felt like there was no power above me, no God who takes care of me…

Today, because I had a moment to awaken from that life and was able to create the one I love, I believe in The Universe, Jesus, God, The Highest Power, has a better plan for me. , I am able to grow in faith and to learn to love myself and others more deeply. And, it brings everything, everyone together for us to enjoyy the life and to grow in faith and love. Coming to this point hasn’t been easy but definitely is worth it. My faith has been built upon the Word of God, the Universe, and the people who’ve come into my life, organizations that I have worked at, and places I have visited and lived. All of them gave me the power and miracles to BELIEVE and have led me to be faithful.

My journey is way more than this blog, and I am sure yours is too. If you want to have a deeper conversation or just share what you have been through email me and I will BE there for YOU…

Always with Joyy!


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