What is L O V E for you?

As today is the L O V E day, I want you to think about the meaning of love for you.

First of all, everything can mean something different for everyone. One person can define love like a spouse, another as a job. Maybe love is the highest value for one person’s priority list, whereas on another person’s it’s third place. Everyone has their own meaning of love, and the same going for any other feeling and it’s meaning. The priority list is different for everyone.

Let’s talk about the feeling where the magic happens. enlightened

Everything starts with a feeling, we all feel something in order to live life. For example, you have to feel hungry to eat (I am not talking about emotional eating herelaugh) or you have to feel the attraction to be in a relationship, right? If you aren’t feeling good, you don’t do anything, or at least you don’t want to. Then, these feelings affect your body. When we feel excited our heart starts beating faster when we are stressed our head can get intense or creates headaches… So, how do you identify with the feeling of love? What do you feel, when you know you feel love or have you ever felt love in your heart?

As a quick reminder: I know Valentine’s Day is just happening today of love for most couples, but we are not just talking about the love of partnership with another person, here, we are talking about the Universal LOVE, the biggest kind of love. Of course, it can be for your spouse but not just that I needed to mention that because some people think love is for couples, love is for those who have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Nope! That is not the one love I’m talking about. We are talking about the LOVE is inside you! Love is everywhere, anytime you want to access it. It is the most amazing feeling that you can ever feel, whenever you want it, and you are open to it. It is for you to have, give & receive. wink

L O V E…

Ahhh, such an incredible feeling for me which is warm and peaceful energy, and comes from the heart. I can feel it deep in my heart and it can get bigger if I feed it with more

Let’s look at the magical part of love!

When you are loved and are given love; you are always happier, healthier and more successful! What happens is when you give love, you create amazing energy around you and turn to enhance your positivity. Positivity flows in your body’s energy system more. And when you are happier and healthier, you become more focused on the things you enjoy creating a more successful life for yourself and those things your energy is creating. You no longer wait to receive love, you already have it in your heart and if you keep giving unconditionally, you will attract even more than you can imagine. You will be a love bug.

For example, if you are in public with your friends and you just want to hug them, do it! You don’t have to have a reason, just hug them and give them the smile of love you have inside. If you love to cook, and are so inclined to give to a friend, do it! Give some love to the people around you. For no reason, just in the name of love… And, you don’t have to receive anything from them in return. You’re doing it already, because you love doing it, and because you are generating LOVE on and throughout your life.

So here is a trick; if you are always giving love and never receive it. This will affect you, and in a short time drain you of love. Imagine if you start living your life just for giving love to others, this may seem like an unfair trade. You have to receive as well as giving. There is no one way to keep you giving love without a return of it in some way or another. It is not about waiting to receive, either. It is about being open when it comes to you. When LOVE comes; receive it. Be open to receiving it, accept love for unexpected places.

For example, if someone gives you a compliment, don’t say “ahh no, I am not…,” don’t even say it to yourself in your mind. Accept it say, “YES YOU ARE!” If somebody gives you a compliment, hell! you gotta take it! It the Universe giving you a love sign. And, say “Thank you! ” That’s it! If you feel you want to give a compliment to any random person or friend, do it! You are doing love work. Just give and receive the LOVE. YOU deserve it.

Where is your love?

I LOVE my family, there is my love; I love coffee there is my love; I love my people from the gym, there is my love; I love my passion, there is my love…

Now, your turn! Go ahead and create your love list and you can share on the comments as well.

Ok, I hear some voices that want me to talk about another love which is the love you feel to your partner.

Well, on this love; we do not have the control over how, when and where it starts to express itself! It is a miraculous feeling for me, it happens all a sudden. You can be a completely different person during your experience. Why? Do all these feelings affect our bodies? And so suddenly. Because when you are in love, you are no longer the logical/smarty person you thought you were. You are in the Love Flow; This is where there are no rules but new behaviors, new feelings and new experiences every time. Your body trembles. Your heart beats like crazy. Your mind is on overdrive. Your brain is full of that person, and it starts thinking differently, you can easily change your plans to be able to see the person, you act differently both with your friends and with your family. It is kind of a virus where your mind blows away and your body follows. This is where you start creating award-winning stories. These stories can be positive or horror films. This love experience is yours! Love can be a wild ride. Create a Universal Love experience with you’ll never forget. Be the love you want to receive. heart

I hope you enJOYY the LOVE blog.

I LOVE YOU! And, there is nothing you can do about it. heart


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