The importance of attracting what you truly desire!

We talked about this before, it is important to know what you want and be clear about it.

How can you really attract what you want? Let’s get into it wink

Once you get clear about what you want, you need to be READY, OPEN and DEDICATED to receive it!


I will jump into an example here which will help you to visualize better wink

Let’s say you want a relationship, you know who you want to be with and know exactly how you want to feel about it. The question is are you ready to have that partner in your life?

Have you imagined all the features in your life with that person, what it would look like? How your daily routine changes, how much time you spend with them, how they affect your life and so on. I want you to write down all those things in order to really feel how your life would be like when you have that partner. And here are some examples: You want a partner who is driven, who is funny, good looking, fit, healthy, non-smoker…

Once you have all this written then you can continue reading the next part of this blog wink

Being OPEN

Are you open to receiving your desires from wherever it may come from? Are you putting yourself out there for what you wish for?

Ok, be specific If you want a relationship, are you talking about it with your friends? Are you the person who you want to be with? Do you believe your desires? Are you going out with your friends and are you exploring different social places, and accepting your friends' invitations to meet other people? Are you on those dating apps? Hey! Every source is an opportunity for you to be open in every area of what you’re looking for. Because you never know, who knows who, or wherever you go when you are open you can attract your partner.

If you are closed off in one of those sources, you are blocking the Universal Laws. You don’t know what the Universe has planned for you. So you need to be OPEN to receive what you asked for from anywhere.


If you are here, you are ready to receive and this is the last and the most important part to receive what you want. This is where you TRUST and let go of everything else to receive that. This is where you say NO to the things or people that are not matching what you want. This is where you take RISKS to get what you desire! Go back to our example You want a relationship and you are crystal clear what you want to feel. You are ready and open to receive, yes? Now, the Universe is going to start sending you a lot of potential partners who have a few of the features you’ve asked for and some of them have most of them but none of them have all the features. Therefore, you are going to have people interested in you, want to take you out. This is the tricky part, it is not the Universe or God playing tricks on you. This is an incredible test and experience for you to get even more clear and feel the vibes of other people who are not exactly a match with what you want. Here is the thing, if you go out with them and feel miserable at the end of the night. This is your opportunity to stay true to your deepest desire and say “No, I’m not interested in this person who does not have all the features that match my desires.”

For example, you’ve met a person who has a lot of features that you’ve asked for who is driven, funny and good looking. However, they smoke, are not fit and don’t eat healthily! But you are feeling as though it is a match, yet they are missing a lot of features that are important to you. On the other hand, you really like them and thinking “What if I am not going to find anyone else in the future.” Let’s stop right there and put our desires first. I understand, I have been there and that’s exactly why we end up not finding what we are looking for because we are doubting the Universal Laws we called upon. You break your TRUST in the Universe. Imagine you go out with them and there is something missing and you cannot ignore that. The Universe is waiting for you to realize they are not the one for you. How can the Universe send you someone you are actually looking for if you are accepting things that are not part of your desires. It is important for you to have faith in the Universe. This is an opportunity for clarity and trust. TRUST is big for me. If you believe they are out there, and you are clear of what you want. The only way to receive is to let go of others and trust the journey. Getting back to my example, the smoker, the non-fit and unhealthy eater. Imagine you dated that person for a little bit. Then you finally let go of them and stayed single for a bit. Then, the Universe started working for you and sent you some potential partners again.

Your test is back! There is a person with a few features but is missing a couple of them. When you tell them “I am sorry you are not my ideal partner.” You started creating more and more opportunities for the Universe to send you the right person. When you let go of something you don’t want or deserve, you are more open and confident in your desire!

Keep believing in what you want and deserve, it will come to you at the right time. And, when it comes, don’t worry it won’t be as much work it will have a blast winkheart

If you want to chat more about your desires and how you can receive what you want, you can schedule your complimentary call with me HERE.


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