How to Attract People You Want to Work with

As I promised in the previous blog, today we’re going to talk about how you can attract the people you would like to work with. In other words, you’ll discover how you can make people want to work with you!

Warning! Just a reminder: At Joyy!, there are no rules, no should-haves and have to’s in both your business and your personal life. You are free to BE, DO, and HAVE. So, keep that in your mind and keep reading.

Did you know that you have to discover the “YOUR WHY” before getting into the sales pitch?

So, let’s focus on “why people need or want to work with you”. Before trying to convince someone to work with you, you have to be convinced within yourself in the reason(s) why they choose you instead of someone else.

To discover why you need to answer these questions listed below:

Quick Tip: In the previous marketing blog, we talked about people work with someone who they like or are alike? Here you go, you can use it in this exercise to discover more about yourself. Why do you like you or are you likable? (Be honest with yourself because if not, you only cheating yourself. It’s a great place to be when you have something to work on within yourself, personally!)

Now, go ahead and convince yourself. Then, come back and continue reading. (You can also do this exercise at the end of the blog)

Break society's rules!

I want you to BE you. Freely, and fully without thinking about what other people think about you. Here is the thing: if you want to attract people to work with, you have to BE yourself in order to spread your JOYY and become a magnet to receive the same vibe as yours! It is a challenging to do this because we all are in a society where everyone compares themselves to one another. However, you have to stand tall and say “I want to work with people like me, I am not ok with working someone who doesn’t value the same JOYY and services you provide, someone who drains energy…” NOPE! You don’t want this and you don’t deserve this. Stay strong in your desire. With that being said, you do YOU! to get people you want. No matter what others think. Remember, we already broke that rules. At the end of the day, even if you work with those people (who are not the people you like) just to make money, they won’t be a reliable client for you or they won’t value your work because you are not in the same vibe, something is wrong and that’s ok as long as you don’t force it and keep the relationship going. You can’t win everyone over! You want to work with someone who deserves and appreciates your work in the end. And, when you are in this level of energy trust me you’ll attract amazing people in your life (just like you).

See yourself in a picture that it’s already done, own it!

Uuu this is the good one! I love visualizing my dreams and write them down. I highly recommend this exercise for you where you feel amazed by discovering the opportunities and your true desire…

First, get your paper and pen ready!

If you can do this exercise in a quiet space with no one AROUND and nothing around to distract you, that would be awesome! (I mean thIS for you to get the most out of the exercise)

Now, we can start!

* Take a deep breath…

* Close your eyes

* Take another breathe and start feeling more relaxed, calmer by focusing on your heart and attend on what you want to attract.

* Listen to your heartbeat, connect to your body

* And, now imagine where you want to be in your life; this can be anything or everything you want to accomplish, this is your UNLIMITED dream everything is FREE and AVAILABLE for you. So, grab whatever you want and reach the highest accomplishment that you’ve ever dreamed of. When you are in your biggest dream, that’s when you are at your highest level/this is your best version and I want you to feel that energy! Embrace it, FEEL it, again and again, see everything in there, draw and paint your picture in your mind…

* When you feel ready, open your eyes and write down your actions to reach that dream!

* Write down what you saw, what you felt…

And last but not least BELIEVE that it is ready for you! It’s already done! It is only a few blocks far away from you and now you know where you want to be so you can easily get there with taking one step at a time.

This exercise will help you to enhance your belief system in what your desire and goals are, and it increases your energy to attract more people, who are like you, turn into a client!

Like always, feel free to share your experiences with me.

** If you have more questions or want to go a little bit deeper than this, you can schedule a 30 min. complimentary call with me.

With Joyy!


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